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Walter Kitundu

The cryptic sounds of hidden nature, wild animals, and native cultures are not only found in the numerous stacks at the Library of Congress or between the grooves of an exotica record. Artist Walter Kitundu utilizes these very sounds and ideas in his acute musical compositions. Sound artist, instrument maker, and composer, Kitundu finds a harmony between traditional musical forms, nature and sculpture. He has[…..]

As Above So Below

Can an exhibition generate a motion picture in the minds of its viewers? This question was asked to visitors of the exhibition, As Above So Below currently exhibiting at San Francisco’s Photo Epicenter gallery. A cacophony of stimulation, the exhibition features work by over twenty international and domestic artists working in various mediums. The assorted ideas found in As Above So Below are drawn from[…..]

Maya Lin

Currently on exhibition at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco is Maya Lin’s latest work, Systematic Landscapes. The exhibition features Lin’s most recent body of work including sculptures, drawings, and installations. In Systematic Landscapes, Lin carefully articulates topographical model-like sculptures of landscapes from ocean floors to mountain tops. Her poetic use of natural materials and scale pays a solemn homage to geography and the natural[…..]

Jay Nelson

On exhibition until November at San Francisco’s Mission District-based gallery, Triple Base, are Jay Nelson’s latest works. Titled Temporary Autonomous Zone, Nelson captures his journey for “self” through an array of paintings, drawings, and sculptural devices. Working mostly with landscapes, Nelson’s body of work is comprised of gauche, watercolor, graphite, and oil on paper or canvas. In addition to his delicate two-dimensional practices, Nelson has[…..]

Nikki McClure

As one of the most monumental presidential elections approaches, artist Nikki McClure takes action. Vote for Survival, a series of politically minded and motivated screen prints and signs, is on display at Needles and Pens in San Francisco. McClure, who is known for her elegantly detailed paper cut-outs, has taken a new approach in reaction to the present day political changes. Vote for Survival is[…..]

Tim Roda

Tim Roda’s exhibition, Family Album, opened on October 2nd, 2008 at the fresh San Francisco gallery, Baer Ridgway Exhibitions. Roda and his family could be called a collaborative, since the creative process involves the whole family’s participation. Roda creates intricate sets (often on-the-spot) including–just to name a few–found objects, costumes and carpentry materials. Roda then invites his family into his newly fashioned space where the[…..]

Matthias Hoch

Exhibiting at Rena Bransten Gallery in San Francisco is German photographer, Matthias Hoch. Using architecture as his focus, Hoch creates a blurred division between the natural and the man-made. His large-scale, vibrantly colored photographs reveal contemporary city elements and cutting-edge architectural structures. Through learned manipulation, Hoch has created an organic atmosphere among these structures. The artist’s choice in photographing public space questions the architectural notion[…..]