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Christina Seely

Christina Seely‘s interest in nature and the changing environment is seen through her vivid photographs. For an artist with a strong mind and an innovative way of translating her message, her photographs are remarkably reserved and still. Seely’s nighttime cityscapes are familiar and at the same time, evoke the sensation of jamais vu–where the commonplace becomes eerily unrecognizable–inviting the viewer into place of investigation. This[…..]

Rachel Kaye

In a world where tabloids trump real news, artist Rachel Kaye embraces celebrity culture through the reappropriation of paparazzi images into her own medium. She creates paintings, drawings, and sculpture that mimic a world washed by fame, excess, and money. Exhibiting at Triple Base Gallery in San Francisco, Kaye’s solo show, The Colony, draws its name and concept from the early-twentieth century Colony Clubs created[…..]

Michael Light and Christian Houge

The landscape photographs of Michael Light and Christian Houge are simultaneously austere, reflective, and, as described by the Hosfelt Gallery in San Francisco where they are currently exhibiting, bleak. The interesting combination of two distinct photographers creates a specialized viewing experience within the large warehouse-like galleries at Hosfelt. Michael Light lives and works in San Francisco and focuses his practice primarily on the American West.[…..]

Jim Gaylord

What would it look like if you compiled fleeting images from some of the most popular film moments onto a painted canvas? Artist Jim Gaylord shows the viewer this point of view in his solo exhibition Cliffhanger at the Gregory Lind Gallery in San Francisco. Moving away from the more collage-like paintings of his past, Gaylord’s latest work carefully marries his interest in film and[…..]

Jake Longstreth

The ethos of the American landscape has been and continues to be a subject of great fascination among thinkers in any field or interest. The country’s flora and fauna intrigue even the most oblivious due to their extreme diversity and limitlessness. It is of little surprise then that an artist, in this case, painter Jake Longstreth, has chosen the American landscape as the launching-off point[…..]

Out of Order

In the Surrealist game Exquisite Corpse, a paper is folded lengthwise into sections. The first player begins the drawing, extending the lines of the image just beyond the fold in the paper. The second player continues where the first left off, and so on until the paper is filled. The final result is akin to Frankenstein’s monster, a creation defined by the sum of its[…..]

Jon Brumit

Hopped up on a large dose of genetically modified corn products, artist Jon Brumit has created a bomb shelter-meets laboratory in the project room at Steven Wolf Gallery in San Francisco. Appropriately titled, Monsanto’s Workshop after the biotech company Monsanto, which specializes in chemically hybridizing seeds for agricultural use, Brumit pokes fun at serious issues through his mixed media installations. Plastic grocery bags are recombined[…..]