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We have as much time as it takes: Interview with Red76

Opening Thursday, May 6th, We have as much time as it takes is the final thesis exhibition of the Curatorial Practice program at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. The following interview was conducted for the exhibition catalog between curators Nicole Cromartie and Courtney Dailey and two members of Red76. It is the first in a series of interviews to be published at[…..]

Moby Dick

The Great American Novel, Moby Dick, takes on new life at the exhibition of the same name currently showing at California College of the Arts’s Wattis Institute. The exhibition loosely traces the narrative of the epic (and episodic) tale with each of the three galleries dedicated to the story’s protagonists, Ishmeal, Ahab, and of course, the White Whale, Moby Dick. Thirty-three artists ranging from the[…..]

Mitzi Pederson

“In order to educate man to a new longing, everyday familiar objects must be shown to him with totally unexpected perspectives and in unexpected situations”. This quote by Russian Constructivist Alexander Rodchenko is especially fitting when describing the work of artist Mitzi Pederson. Mapping extremely formalized landscapes, Pederson’s sculptural forms are made up of found material (much resembling construction debris) and are intentionally placed and arranged[…..]

Monika Sosnowska

For her installation at Berlin’s Capitian Petzel, Polish artist Monika Sosnowska, in her signature style, emphasizes space through an array of constructed structures. Seven pieces fill the main gallery space, arranged in a line, beginning with the smallest–a metal stool whose legs have been bent so the viewer is actually looking at the stool’s underside–and concluding with a large, twisted sculpture resembling a railing or[…..]

Venice Biennale: Ulla von Brandenburg

Upon entrance into Ulla von Brandenburg’s colorful installation entitled Singspiel, one is confronted with a sensation of curious exploration coupled with the particular anxiety of entering the unknown. The labyrinthine structure is made up of a series of solid colored fabrics forming an intervention in space and architecture. These colors refer to the color scale of Swiss Psychoanalyst Max Luscher, who in the 1950s conceived[…..]

Venice Biennale: Union of Comoros

For their Biennale debut, the Union of Comoros is in participation with a project, Djahazi, by the Italian artist Paolo W. Tamburella. Comoros is a small series of islands located off the coast of Mozambique in East Africa, and Djahazi gets its name from the classic wooden boats the Comoros people used for centuries to transport goods and heavy cargo through the Mozambique Channel and[…..]

53rd Annual 2009 Venice Biennale

Over the next five days, will bring exclusive coverage of this year’s 53rd Annual Venice Biennale. DailyServing writers Arden Sherman and Kelly Nosari traveled to Venice earlier this month and attended the exhibitions, and over the next five days will report on some of the most noteworthy work in this year’s Biennale. Despite the tough economic times and talk of a more “serene biennale,”[…..]