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James Brickwood

A new collection of works by Sydney photojournalist James Brickwood opens this week at the Australian Centre for Photography, Paddington. The exhibition is a documentation of the annual Schoolies week, an end of year vacation for year 12 high school graduates. Brickwood documents drunken pashes, messy hotel rooms and the sunny beachfronts of Queensland’s Gold Coast, which predominantly hosts the graduation festival. Brickwood is a[…..]

Living Black

Indigenous Australian art has long been associated with traditional dot paintings. Such customary methods of art practice can be viewed as a system of keeping alive a culture otherwise threatened by assimilation. Contemporary Aboriginal artists are now charting new territory, creating works based in photo-media, video and film. The documentary nature of these mediums enhances a political agenda and evades ethnographic pigeonholing. The works displayed[…..]

Mike Parr

A collection of works by acclaimed Australian artist, Mike Parr are currently on show at Anna Schwartz Gallery, Darlington. Entitled Milk, the exhibition takes form as a photographic montage, documenting various performance, installation and pictorial works by the artist. Some particularly memorable represented pieces include the shocking Cathartic Action: Social Gestus No. 5, where Parr appears to be amputating his own arm by hacking into[…..]

Vipoo Srivilasa

Ceramic artist, Vipoo Srivilasa‘s latest exhibition, Roop-Rote-Ruang is currently on display at Gallery 4A: Asia-Australia Arts Centre. Translating as Taste-Touch-Tell, the exhibition coincides with several dinner parties the artist will host within private Sydney residencies throughout the exhibition’s duration. Srivilasa created ceramic dinner sets especially for this project, which the guests will eat from. He will prepare a four course meal and get the audience[…..]

Bill Viola

A conceptual video work by acclaimed artist, Bill Viola is currently on display at The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney. Entitled The Tristan Project: Fall into Paradise, the work was created in response to the Celtic tale of Tristan and Isolde. Viola created four hours of video footage to accompany an operatic production of the legend that was directed by Peter Sellars. From[…..]

Toby Burrows

Currently showing at Blender Gallery, Paddington is a recent collection of works by acclaimed photographer, Toby Burrows. Entitled Footprint, the exhibition documents the artist’s journey to Broken Hill, a regional mining suburb located in the far west of outback New South Wales. Images of picturesque scenery and vast landscapes present the beauty within the isolated town, and are cleverly juxtaposed with close ups of bird[…..]

Pornography or Art?: The Controversial Photography of Bill Henson

Over the last fortnight Sydney’s Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery was scheduled to host an exhibition showcasing the work of acclaimed Australian photographer, Bill Henson. However, just hours prior to its programmed debut, the gallery was stormed by police confiscating 12 works on display and another 20 from the storeroom, while the gallery website was also forced to remove the offending imagery from its server. Such censorship[…..]