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Jonathan Jones

Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Paddington is currently hosting new installation works by Indigenous-Australian artist Jonathan Jones. Untitled (The Tyranny of Distance), 2008 is positioned within the main exhibition space and is composed of a series of six blue tarpaulin covered walls, each extending to over eight meters in length. Each of them radiate with light from fluorescent tubes positioned to make arrow like chevron patterns.[…..]

Noel McKenna

A new collection of works by Sydney artist Noel McKenna are currently on display at Darren Knight Gallery, Waterloo. Entitled The Weekly Bus-Rail Ticket: The Return Journey, the series depicts scenes of Sydney life, some as momentous as Anthony Mundine claiming the Middleweight Championship of the World, while others such as Kambala School Girl portray the more seemingly mundane aspects of city life. Depictions of[…..]

Kate Beynon

A new collection of works by Hong Kong born artist Kate Beynon are currently on show at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney. Demonstrating influences from a range of art forms including calligraphy, graffiti and textiles, the series reflects a variety of multicultural stimuli in order to create the artist’s interpretation of today’s global citizen. Oriental inspired imagery is a prominent feature of[…..]

Ben Quilty

A new collection of paintings, collage works and drawings by Sydney based artist Ben Quilty are currently on display at Grantpirrie, Redfern. Entitled Smashed, the exhibition contains numerous works which are influenced by Rorschach inkblot tests, as the canvases have been folded in half with paint to create a symmetrical print. Skulls are a common motif within the series, as some eerily appear as black[…..]

Dani Marti

One Breath below Consciousness, is a new, corporeal exhibition by Spanish born artist Dani Marti. Currently showing at Breenspace, Waterloo, the display consists of both video works and textile weaving. These interlaced canvases are often a mix of both simple, structural materials such as nylon braiding, leather, polyester and knitting yarn, as well as more brilliant substances including Swarovski glass, beaded necklaces and Spanish rosary[…..]

Imants Tillers

A new collection of works by Imants Tillers is currently on display at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Paddington. Entitled The Tears of Things, the exhibition is the artist’s first Sydney-based solo show in three years. The tiled paintings are a collection of landscapes built in the Tiller’s signature style. Many are monolithic portraits of Australian panorama, some even extending to almost 10m in length. Images of[…..]

Revolutions- Forms that Turn

The Museum of Contemporary Art in conjunction with the Biennale of Sydney is currently showcasing a selection of works, centered on the theme of Revolutions- Forms that Turn. Many of the works on display have attracted controversy following a series of complaints by patrons. Maurizio Cattelan‘s Novecento, which consists of a dead horse hanging from the gallery ceiling has outraged animal rights groups, while Leon[…..]