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At the time of atmospheric precipitates—exhibition is not function

Currently on view at Blindside in Brisbane, Australia, is the collaborative exhibition, At the time of atmospheric precipitates—exhibition is not function. An exercise in creative flexibility of sorts, the collaboration between Brisbane-based artists Danielle Clej and Ruth McConchie consists of a constructed “kaleidoscopic labyrinth,” which explores the architectural boundaries of the space. During the short installation period, the duo arranged and rearranged objects and improvised[…..]

Elizabeth Berdann

The Contemporary Art Museum Honolulu is currently presenting four concurrent solo exhibitions by New York and Los Angeles-based artists, including Daily Serving featured artist and interviewee, Allison Schulnik, as well as Elizabeth Berdann, Judy Fox and Fay Ku. New York-based Elizabeth Berdann‘s solo show, entitled Wonders Curiosities and Conundrums, is the first museum retrospective of the artist’s work over the past two decades. The work[…..]

@ MoMA

Days ago, the Museum of Modern Art‘s Department of Architecture and Design announced their acquisition of a new work into the collection. The piece is one that we of the age of email and Twitter know well—the @ symbol. Since the announcement, the Internet has been abuzz with the news, mostly because its implications reach far beyond the art and design world. It’s so familiar[…..]


Currently on view at P.P.O.W Gallery in New York is the three-person exhibition, Debris, which features the work of Sarah Frost, Portia Munson and Aurora Robson. For Debris, each artist has contributed a large scale installation, constructed of discarded plastic refuse and fashioned into a thing of visual interest, a bastion of beauty. The overarching dialog surrounds the issue of sustainability and the negative impacts[…..]

Kimberly Brooks: The Stylist Project

The art world. It’s way more serious and important than every other industry! This thinking at least seems to persist even though the field of contemporary art has maintained an open flirtation with its sassy sister, the fashion industry, since long before even Andy Warhol trotted his wacky wigs around Studio 54 with the likes of Diane von Fürstenberg. There is a mutual fascination between[…..]

Sanford Biggers: Moon Medicine

Currently on view at Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum is a solo presentation of new work by internationally renowned, New York-based artist, Sanford Biggers. The work on view in the exhibition, entitled Moon Medicine, encompasses the breadth of Biggers’ practice. As he tells the SBCAF, “It is a thematic, multi-disciplinary exploration of past themes and new themes meant to broaden and complicate our read on[…..]

Erik Levine: Grip

As we witnessed over the past two weeks at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, athletes are under perpetually extreme pressure. During practice and performance—be it game, match, run or race—athletes in all sports carry the weight of victory on their shoulders, which of course is why the best of them are so uniquely admired. Currently on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art San[…..]