Aimée Reed

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Art in Storefronts: San Francisco

Art in Storefronts is a pilot program initiated by the office of Mayor Gavin Newsom and implemented by the San Francisco Arts Commission and Triple Base Gallery to reclaim abandoned storefront spaces in the San Francisco neighborhoods of Mission, Bayview, Market and Tenderloin. Rounding up participating artists by sending out a call for proposals, those selected were then assigned an address where they were allowed[…..]

Bessma Khalaf

Now showing at Steven Wolf Fine Arts Gallery in San Francisco is Bessma Khalaf’s exhibition, You’re Not There. The show is comprised of five pieces: three individual video installations and two works that reference them. In Projection (2009), the viewer is lured into a lackadaisical daze by warm and fuzzy landscape imagery, only to be immediately jolted back out of it as a fist punches[…..]

Aurelia Munoz

Currently exhibiting at the N2 Gallery in Barcelona, Spain are the works of Spanish artist Aurelia Munoz. The works on display are delicate, yet formidable, sculptures made of materials ranging from handmade paper to textile fibers. The piece Entre Social, 1976, is a large-scale macrame sculpture that serves as testimony to Munoz’s ability to beautifully marry geometry and abstraction with natural textiles, creating an entirely new three-dimensional artistic[…..]

Sandow Birk

American Qur’an, which opened at the Catharine Clark Gallery earlier this month, is one phase of Southern California artist Sandow Birk‘s ongoing project to hand-transcribe the 114 suras, or chapters, from the Holy Qur’an. Birk juxtaposes the text with images from contemporary American life to create a narrative which addresses the misconceptions of Islam by U.S. culture by posing the question: how did two religions[…..]