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Lucid Dreaming: Simon Gouverneur, Jason Hughes, Paul Laffoley

A group exhibition entitled Lucid Dreaming opened Saturday, January 17th at Curator’s Office. The exhibition includes works from the Estate of critically acclaimed abstract symbolist painter Simon Gouverneur, who pursued a lifelong investigation into the structures of language and meaning. His work invokes a wide range of ideas–from the principles of structural anthropology espoused by Claude Levi-Strauss to the teachings of Jewish mysticism, Buddhist texts[…..]

Herve Graumann

Herve Graumann constructs dizzying, modern day vanitas still lives from kitsch, throwaway souvenirs of our plastic culture. The works both valorize and disdain the role of the object in modern day culture. Like schools of fish joining together to create the impression of a much larger- and more powerful- entity, the multiplicity of Graumann’s constructions aggrandize and impress. They are at once thrones to commodity[…..]

Ryan Brennan

Ryan Brennan‘s work typically presents multi-faceted collage sculptures that layer evocative materials–whether home videos from his youth, personal memorabilia from his parent’s basement, items culled from thrift stores, and iconic or diaristic personal symbols, such as boom box radios, string, video game parts, or baroque ornamentation. Brennan reassembles these mementos in an organic and free-spirited fashion, recontextualizing their unique histories to create beautiful realms of[…..]

Denise Gray: MOCA Education Department

DailyServing’s Sasha Lee recently had the chance to sit down with Denise Gray of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Education department to discuss her role as an educator, both as an individual scholar in the field and also within the MOCA’s philosophy. Denise, along with others in her field, are extraordinary examples of a vibrant voice shaping how we understand contemporary art today. Whether[…..]

Levi van Veluw

Levi van Veluw is a young multidisciplinary artist living and working in the Netherlands. He has won a number of accolades and been featured in a slew of magazines within the last two years for his ostentatious refashionings of his face, entitled Landscapes. In each of his series, he painstakingly obscures his likeness, in increasingly elaborate disguises. Earlier works include ridiculous wiring closed of ears[…..]

Hard Targets: Masculinity and Sports @ LACMA

On October 8th, LACMA opened Contemporary Projects 11: Hard Targets–Sports and Masculinity, a survey exploring the intersection of masculinity and sports in contemporary culture and artistic practices. Curated by Christopher Bedford (himself a player of rugby and American football), the show poses athleticism not in diametric opposition to artistic expression, but rather as a kind of male-dominated theatrical spectacle of gender performance. In Bedford’s accompanying[…..]

Zheng Gougu

Zheng Guogu’s sculptural work often pairs confounding idioms, layering ephemeral qualities with imposing materials, in order to poetically arrange forms that operate on both a tactile and symbolic level. In his sculpture, Waterfall, Gougu pours white melted wax over a rigid metal armature, embedding calligraphic scripts into this serene fountain. Gougu both reinforces and freezes the progression of time, in an allegorical fashion not unlike[…..]