San Francisco

Trapped in the Wunderkammer at Kadist Art Foundation

What inspires artists? How do they create their work? Today we bring you a video from Kadist Art Foundation in San Francisco, documentation of one of seven recent presentations in which artists discuss inspirational objects and ephemera in their private collections. The basis for this project was artist Linda Geary‘s book Studio Visit, which, according to Kadist, “collects impressions from 100 in-studio conversations about art and life. An unexpected result of her informal visits, Geary discovered many artists have collected images and objects unlike their public practice, raising questions like: Do personal collections change the way we think about an artists work? Do artists lead multiple lives as cultural thinkers?” This video documents a presentation by artist Jordan Kantor, whose work was reviewed by Daily Serving in 2010

Videos of the other participating artists (David Huffman, Rebeca Bollinger, Andrew Masullo, Jim Melchert, Emily Prince, and Margaret Tedesco) can be found on Kadist’s Vimeo page.