San Francisco

Pacific Limn at Kadist Art Foundation

Seoul-based duo Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries (YHCHI)–Young-Hae Chang and Marc Voge–recently served as artists in residence at the Kadist Art Foundation in San Francisco, and the resulting project is on view through May 12. The duo is presenting a project titled, Pacific Limn, which consists of a three-channel video that intertwines three narratives that focus on the United States, China, and Japan, respectively. The artists have used San Francisco as a hub for the fictional narrative, allowing the city to serve as a nexus for the conflicts or clichés residing in between the different geographic locations.

Each of the videos that comprise Pacific Limn combine an overlapping of text, jazz, and animations which incorporate slow-moving video or still image. The conflict between text, sound, and image in each video allows it to continually negate itself as the video plays. The resulting experience relies on one’s ability to interpret information through text and image simultaneously, placing the viewer in a position of uncertainty and mild mistrust as the images contradict or complicate the text on screen. This technique successfully targets the issues of cultural understanding and misinterpretation in the narratives of the the three videos, through an often-competing visual and written landscape.

The videos will be on view at Kadist through Sunday.