San Francisco

Too Hard to Keep

Today’s feature is from our  good friends at KQED Arts in San Francisco. Writer Roula Seikaly discusses Too Hard to Keep, a new project by Chicago-based photographer, Jason Lazarus, currently on view at SF Camerawork.

Jason Lazarus, From the series, Too Hard to Keep, 2010 - present

One of the less understood figures in Christian folklore is the sin eater. This person, usually a beggar, was charged with absolving someone of their sins by consuming food and drink that had been touched by the dying person before their passing. Through this ritual, the nearly deceased are eased of their burdens, their mortal infractions kept in check, and the spiritual health of the community at large strengthened.

In a way, Chicago-based photographer Jason Lazarus takes on the role of a sin eater. Through his project, Too Hard to Keep, Lazarus collects the reminders of pain, sorrow, shame, and a universe of other emotions and in doing so, alleviates the suffering of their former owners.

Too Hard to Keep is an archive of objects — photographic prints, books, digital prints received via text message or on discs — that were donated on the premise that the images are too hard to look at, yet too important to discard. Since its inception in 2010, Lazarus has received well over 3,000 objects, and the collection continues to grow with donations from as far away as Europe and South America.

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