Behind the Scenes

As part of our ongoing partnership with Beautiful/Decay, today we bring you photographs by Vienna-based artist Klaus Pichler. Like many of us photographer Pichler wondered what happened at museums after hours. However Pichler took the next step and contacted his local natural history museum to see if he could poke around after hours and document his findings.

The result of Pichler’s curiousity is a multi-year project titled “Skeletons In The Closet” which gave the photographer unlimited access to every room, cellar, storage space, and closet in the museum.  Focusing on the more unknown parts of the museum where exhibits are put together and excess materials are stored, Pichler documented remarkable juxtapositions that the best imagination could not put together. (via)

” As a photographer with limited knowledge of scientific research methods, the museum’s back rooms presented to me a huge array of still lives. Their creation is determined by the need to find space saving storage solutions for the preservation of objects but also the fact that work on and with the exhibits is an ongoing process. Full of life, but dead nonetheless.” 

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