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Today from the DS Archives we bring you the 2010 exhibition of Sharon Lockhart, Ryan Trecartin, Peter Campus and Joachim Koester at The Power Plant in Toronto. Maybe One Must Begin with Some Particular Places, an overview of Koester’s work is currently on view at SMAK in Belgium.

The following article was originally published on May 3, 2010 by :

Sharon Lockhart

Artists Explore Screen Space is the title of a new exhibition of video based artworks on view at The Power Plant in Toronto, presented as part of the 23rd Images Festival. For the exhibition, artists Sharon Lockhart, Ryan Trecartin, Peter Campus and Joachim Koester are presenting recent video projects that vary widely, while addressing the moving image and the idea of screen space.

Lockhart is presenting Podwórka a video that explores six groups of children as they play within the courtyards and playgrounds of Lodz, Poland. Far from the over designed playgrounds found in the United States, these courtyards are contain highly adaptable urban structures that the children take over and use for their own amusement and needs.

Artist Ryan Trecartin is presenting Any Ever, for his Canadian solo debut, a seven-video suite from his four-part series Re’Search Wait’S as well as his acclaimed 2009 video triptych Trill-ogy Comp. Through this work, Trecartin continues to explore ideas of hyperactive and collaborative performance, which often casts the artist in a variety of outlandish roles, that is centered on consumer culture as well as the fragmented identity that is perpetuated by the digital age and constant bombardment of images and video material.

Artists Explore Screen Space will be on view through May 24, 2010 at The Power Plant in Toronto, Canada.