November, 2012

#I GIF, You GIF, a-They GIF

#Hashtags provides a platform for longer reconsiderations of artworks and art practices outside of the review format and in new contexts. Please send queries and/or ideas for future columns to Gustaf Mantel Oxford American Dictionary’s Word of the Year is finally here: GIF. Not the noun, but the verb. In fact, the noun is boring, old hat. The first GIF (the first file ever[…..]

Brush It In


Wafts of ginger and cilantro from the nearby Vietnamese eateries swirls around the propelling bus exhaust as I walk through London’s funky Shoreditch on an overcast day. Though I (embarrassingly) have not yet visited before, the unexpected island of pristine glass of the Flower’s Gallery is not hard to miss among the rickety cheap shoe shops and tabacs littered with half-shredded ice cream posters. A[…..]

Joel Morrison at Gagosian Hong Kong

Joel Morrison, The Reaganomic Youth (version 2), 2012. Stainless steel, 28 1/2 x 18 x 22 1/2 inches (72.4 x 45.7 x 57.2 cm), Ed. of 3. Photo by Erich Koyama.

In his first solo exhibition in Asia at the Gagosian gallery in Hong Kong, Joel Morrison presents a reasonably entertaining series of recent works that challenges formalist sculpture while engaging in a constant critique of art historical directions. Drawing on readily-available objects utilised in daily life, Morrison’s composite sculptures begin as disparate Duchampian readymades: weather balloons, bullets, mannequin busts and shopping carts, just to list[…..]

Help Desk: Insults & Insecurities

Dimitri Kozyrev, Last one 14, 2012. Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 48 inches

Help Desk is an arts-advice column that demystifies practices for artists, writers, curators, collectors, patrons, and the general public. Submit your questions anonymously here. All submissions become the property of Daily Serving. Help Desk is cosponsored by Is your practice hot or not? Frieze Magazine is ready to assist you with your latest statement. This week’s column features the artwork of Dimitri Kozyrev. His solo[…..]

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Today from the DS Archives, we bring you the body: old and new. An unavoidable topic of contemplation, the body has been the subject of art since the very beginning. Needless to say there have been many different interpretations. Bodies and Shadows: Caravaggio and His Legacy at LACMA, chronicles the work of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571–1610). The article below, “Hello, all but forgotten piece of 1970s[…..]

Fan Mail: Iavor Lubomirov

For this edition of Fan Mail, Iavor Lubomirov of London has been selected from our worthy reader submissions. Two artists are featured each month—the next one could be you! If you would like to be considered, please submit your website link to with ‘Fan Mail’ in the subject line. What kind of elation do you get from your study of mathematics? You have taken[…..]

When Rock Star Fantasies Go Too Far

This post was originally written for and published on October 25, 2012. When photographer Laura London’s show opened at Coagula Curatorial in Chinatown last month, it was called Once Upon a Time…Axl Rose was my Neighbor. By the time it closed on October 20, its title had been cut down to just Once Upon a Time… and all direct reference to Axl Rose, famous[…..]