San Francisco

Ooga Booga at Kadist Foundation

San Francisco/Paris- based Kadist Art Foundation is launching a new and exciting project featuring a series of video books. The Kadist foundation, in San Francisco, is currently hosting Ooga Booga, a Los Angeles mixed media “bookstore” as a pop-up project. Ooga Booga was founded in 2004 by Wendy Yao as a broadly defined bookstore. “Bookstore” does not adequately describe the space as it not only carries artist publications and books, but also publishes, records music, hosts events, and exhibits artwork. 

Ooga Booga’s video book is narrated by the bookstore’s founder, and features a visual page-turner filmed in a simple deadpan format. For this project, Ooga Booga and the Kadist Art Foundation have come together in their support for arts publishing and cultural collaboration. This specific book project functions in tandem with various Kadist programs such as its artist/writer residencies, and the Reading Shop and Reading Room, which features various international publications. Look out for more video books by Kadist Art Foundation in their new and ongoing project.

Ooga Booga / Temporary Satellite at Kadist SF from Kadist San Francisco on Vimeo.