July, 2012

Endless Plains: An Interview with Polly Morgan


Polly Morgan is an artist notorious for her taxidermied animal assemblages that skillfully transform a tradition often seen as kitsch or macabre into elegant and highly sought-after creations. Initially training with professional taxidermist George Jamieson, Morgan set out not necessarily to make art, but rather as a way to furnish her own flat. She continued to create, trying preserving the moments between decay and death,[…..]

#Hashtags: Lolo, the Virgin Bride

Lolo Clip 3

    I am consumed by the Olympics. I’ve been counting down the seasons until the summer of 2012 and the days until July 29th. When the Olympic Games are being televised, I schedule my work and social life around watching my chosen events (gymnastics, swimming, and above all, track and field). This is a good moment to include the information that I was competitive[…..]

Help Desk: Flirtatious Collectors & Young Curators

Rob Swainston, Triumphal Arch, 2007. Installation

Help Desk is an arts-advice column that demystifies practices for artists, writers, curators, collectors, patrons, and the general public. Submit your questions anonymously here. All submissions become the property of Daily Serving. Help Desk is cosponsored by KQED.org. The work in this week’s column is by Rob Swainston, who will have a solo show at Neuwerk Kunsthalle in Konstanz, Germany in September. For those of you[…..]

Matrix at BAM/PFA


Berkeley Art Museum‘s MATRIX  series presents two new exhibitions by Lutz Bacher and D-L Alvarez. Since Lutz Bacher’s first MATRIX exhibition in 1993, the artist has become a leading figure in contemporary art. D-L Alvarez’s first solo museum exhibition presents a haunting meditation on the violent end of innocence. The artist focuses on the uncanny moments when social and domestic deviance collides. Today from the DS Archives we take[…..]

Seeker of Hope: Works by Jia Aili


As Jia Aili grew up in the 1980s, it seemed as though post-Mao Zedong China was well on its way into transforming itself into a superpower, leaving in its wake the trauma of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, struggling more with material trappings and economic growth rather than ideological fulfilment. These reforms and attitudes quickly penetrated across China’s vast landscapes, accompanied by[…..]

Summer Social


Two years ago, I had probably the best art summer I ever had. Ryan Trecartin’s show was at MOCA’s PDC satellite and I went 6 times, and it felt like a group show — or a show made by a group — even though it wasn’t. So as summer show season starts again, here’s a revisited homage to the group. L.A. Expanded: Notes from the[…..]

More Real?: False Realities at SITE Santa Fe


In place of what would have been SITE Santa Fe’s 9th International Biennial, the exhibition More Real?: Art in the Age of Truthiness is mounted as a question. Through cumulative stagings, illusions, virtual worlds, and fictional archives the exhibition creates a circuit of “truthiness”. The term coined by the venerable pop icon Stephen Colbert essentially means truth through gut feeling or desire rather than fact.[…..]