June, 2012

On View This Summer at MoMA PS1

MoMA PS1 is an art institution reputable for its exhibitions and events that inspire an unparalleled contemporary dialogue in both the United States and internationally. It’s building – a recovered and repurposed public schoolhouse – alone commands a stamp of novelty. The exterior recalls an architectural era that predates the now ubiquitous rolling glass façades with its sumptuous terra cotta bricks and ornate eaves. It’s interior has[…..]

Slacker Art

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley Did you ever read Jack Bankowsky’s 1991 Artforum essay on slacker art? It’s a pretty good one, called “Slackers” after Richard Linklater’s very slack, brilliantly drawn-out film, also called Slackers and out in ’91. Linklater’s film begins with a monologue by a young guy (played by Linklater) with a bowl cut. He[…..]

Return to the Sea: An interview with Motoi Yamamoto


Despite our best efforts, memories eventually fade away. For centuries, people have created memorials sites, and used objects and images to honor and preserve the remembrance of those that have passed. These sites are often designed to document existence, while inevitably underscoring absence. For over a decade now, Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto has been engaging with his memories through the physical act of creation. Building[…..]

#dOCUMENTA(13): Even the most chaotic, amorphous experiences require careful framing

An artwork of live bees created by French artist Pierre Huyghe

In 2010, David Shields gave us ‘Reality Hunger’ — a mashup of over 600 stolen quotes, arranged into a manifesto. ‘Reality Hunger’ was Shields’ attempt at an ars poetica for what he referred to as ‘a burgeoning group of interrelated (but unconnected) artists […] who are breaking larger and larger chunks of ‘reality’ into their work.’ This week, curator Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev gives us her version[…..]

Help Desk: Majors and Media

Brad Carlile, One-o, 2011. Photograph (no digital manipulation), 30" x 40"

Help Desk is an arts-advice column that demystifies practices for artists, writers, curators, collectors, patrons, and the general public. Submit your questions anonymously here. All submissions become the property of Daily Serving. Help Desk is co-sponsored by KQED.org. This week’s column is accompanied by photographs by Brad Carlile, whose work is included in the upcoming exhibition Fragile Boundaries at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts[…..]

“To live outside the law you must be honest” – Jeff Koons 2009 and Now

Jeff Koons continues to refuse being anything but his audacious self. Today from the DS Archives we look back at his exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in 2009. Koon’s work will be on view at Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt between June 20–September 23, 2012. The following article was originally published by Catherine Wagley on November 28, 2009: Jeff Koons, November 14-January 9th, Gagosian Gallery “To live[…..]

Fan Mail: Ink Tank

PARmageddon, Ink Tank Collective

For this edition of Fan Mail, David Culpepper of Ink Tank in Austin, TX has been selected from our worthy reader submissions. Two artists are featured each month—the next one could be you! If you would like to be considered, please submit your website link to info@dailyserving.com with ‘Fan Mail’ in the subject line. Ink Tank has been together for less than a year in[…..]