January, 2012

Help Desk: Extracurricular (!) Activities


Help Desk is an arts-advice column that demystifies practices for artists, writers, curators, collectors, patrons, and the general public. Submit your questions anonymously here. All submissions become the property of Daily Serving. What advice would you have for artists who are separated from the university realm to keep themselves sharp (in terms of criticism and general growth)? Have you found specific groups or events that have[…..]

From the DS Archives: Histories continuing in a variety of ways

So, normally the weekly look back into the DS articles delves deeper into archives…today could more aptly be described as ‘From a Few Weeks Ago.’ The article chosen is Agitated Histories, and was originally published on December 20, 2011 by Rebecca Najdowski. The exhibit Agitated Histories closes today, and acts as a fortuitous introduction to the upcoming exhibit The Forgetting of Proper Names at Calvert[…..]

One man’s rabbit is another man’s…


On my first interview for graduate school, I unerringly identified each slide shown to me: Warhol, Matisse, Pollock, Smithson. I left confident for my next interview the following day. I waltzed into the building and calmly road up to the eighth floor.  There, I was completely caught off guard. Instead of Rauschenberg, Duchamp or Hirst, I was presented with a photograph of a man clad[…..]

Not a Person Today


L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley In one of the snapshots Miranda Grosvenor sent to her famous beaus, she appears blurry and blond, sitting in a convertible parked with its front end in the street and back end on the grass of somebody’s manicured lawn. In this and other photos, she is always alone, and always suspiciously attractive,[…..]

Intersections and Boundaries: Interview with Whitney Lynn


I can’t remember exactly how I found the website of Whitney Lynn—one of those following links of links things—but as soon as I saw images of her sculptures of pillow fort/military bunkers I knew I wanted to talk with her. Luckily for me, she was about to install a solo show at Steven Wolf Fine Arts in San Francisco. I went over to the gallery[…..]

Utopia, Romance, and “Young Art” at the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum


This winter the Hamburger Bahnhof’s exhibitions are (mostly) devoted to artists influenced by utopian architecture, a decision made to coincide with Tomás Saraceno’s Cloud Cities, an investigation into sustainable living that borrows heavily from the language of visionary architects and futurists like Buckminster Fuller. Saraceno’s “biospheres” are fun, enormous and inviting, with long lines of art-goers waiting for a moment of awkward repose over the Bahnhof’s hangar. […..]

#Hashtags: Looking towards 2012


#Hashtags: Viral Thoughts on Politics, Arts, and Culture #Hashtags provides a platform for longer reconsiderations of artworks and art practices outside of the review format and in new contexts. Please send queries and/or ideas for future to hashtags@dailyserving.com. A corner of a long-ago building, the wall borders the edge of the Ecotrust Building parking lot, located in one of the most renovated and redeveloped commercial[…..]