December, 2011

Best of 2011- #Hashtags: Narco-Violence and Ritual Sacrifice

This year we launched #Hashtags, a series that examines the various intersections of visual art and politics. Selected by Danielle Sommer, today’s Best of 2011 features the article Narco-Violence and Ritual Sacrifice written by Robert Gomez. #Hashtags: Viral Thoughts on Politics, Arts, and Culture This month, #Hashtags features an essay by the Mexican-American artist and writer Robert Gomez on the relationship between online images of[…..]

Best of 2011
Seeing is Believing: An Interview with Trevor Paglen

Each year DailyServing produces dozens of original interviews with artists all over the globe. Today, contributor, Sara Knelman selected Seeing is Believing: an interview with Trevor Paglen. The interview, which discusses Paglen’s thoughts on photography, art history, aesthetics and the politics of watching, was conducted in February by founder Seth Curcio. Recent advancements in technology such as Google Earth and street-view, has given[…..]

Best of 2011
Mike Kelley at Gagosian Gallery

Today we revisit Catlin Moore‘s review of Mike Kelley’s epic exhibition at Gagosian in Los Angeles as our latest pick for Best of 2011. Selected by DailyServing Managing Editor, Julie Henson, this article tackles Mike Kelley’s intense spacial and psychological explorations with great wit. It is a feat within itself to accurately assess Mike Kelley’s work, and Catlin’s writing takes this project head on. Kandor[…..]

Best of 2011
Constructing the Victim

Serving as an editor for over 30 international contributors, I often read about amazing exhibitions in countries that I rarely visit. However, once in a while I get the opportunity to visit an exhibition in a new place and then read about it from the perspective of someone on our team. This summer, while visiting Berlin with DS Managing Editor Julie Henson, we attended the[…..]

Best of 2011
Alec Soth’s Broken Manual

During the holidays, its always nice to look back at the accomplishments of the past year. With that in mind, we have asked each of our contributors to dig deep into the articles, interviews, and reviews from 2011 and pick some of their personal favorites. Our contributor from London, Sara Knelman, selected a review of Alec Soth‘s Broken Manual written by our Berlin-based contributor Heather[…..]

Best of 2011
True Grit: Michaela Eichwald at Reena Spaulings

As we continue to look back to the best articles, interviews, and reviews of 2011, today we have Michael Tomeo‘s article True Grit. Selected for Best of 2011 by DailyServing’s New York based writer, Carmen Winant, True Grit features works by Michaela Eichwald at Reena Spaulings Fine Art. In addition to True Grit, in 2011 Michael has wrote other great articles like Oh No You[…..]

Best of 2011
Heaven Is A Place Where Nothing Ever Happens

From across the world, our Melbourne based writer, Joleen Loh, picked Michelle Schultz‘s review of the Folkestone Triennial in the UK as her favorite article of 2011. “I really enjoyed her description of AK Dolven’s Out of Tune and how she relates that back to the theme of the Triennial – it was really clear and descriptive which got me really excited about triennial.” –[…..]