November, 2011

Richard Mosse: Infrared photographs of war-torn Congo

Today’s feature is brought to you by our friends at Flavorwire, where Marina Galperina speaks to Richard Mosse about his infrared photographs of war-torn Congo. A military village emerges from the hills of hot pink. A soldier lurks in a crimson jungle. A man with a face erupted in scar tissue from a war trauma pauses for a portrait. Photographer Richard Mosse has captured the[…..]

Next to Nothing: On the Price of Nothing and the Value of Everything

Next to Nothing: On the Price of Nothing and the Value of Everything is an exhibition by Black Dogs, an art collective comprising members based primarily in Leeds and London that interrogates the notion of art produced for social transformation and develops platforms for art production and presentation to exist outside and against the values of a capitalistic art system. This approach is apparent both[…..]

Interview with Feodor Voronov


In grad school, my studio was kiddie-corner from Feodor (or Theo) Voronov’s. I was always there and he was there more often than I was. I respect smart people who do the work, or people who are smart because they do the work, and seeing them get better and better and get recognized for it is sort of a thrill — it means the world[…..]

From the DS Archives: Antony Gormley

Opening in 2009, the prolific exhibition DLA Piper Series: This is Sculpture at the Tate Liverpool continues to examine the history of modern and contemporary sculpture. And the best part…the exhibit is open until April 1, 2012! This means you have no excuse to miss it. Do you need further convincing? Take a look back at DS coverage of Antony Gormley who is currently included[…..]

Fort at Lime Point: John Chiara at Von Lintel Gallery


Every photographer has wished, at some point, that they could substitute the lens for their own eye. John Chiara does the next best thing: he crawls inside his homemade camera, the size of a small Uhual trailer, in order to make unique photographs. He may not be able to be the camera’s retina, but he can certainly inhabit its brain. The results are monumentally large[…..]

2011 Paris Photo

At a talk at the Frieze Art Fair in London in October artists Broomberg and Chanarin and Taryn Simon talked about the relationship between photojournalism and art photography. In the Q&A that followed, someone in the audience asked why there were no strictly-photography galleries at the fair. The question seemed both unanswerable and, to a large extent, irrelevant. Though the talk itself circled an issue[…..]

He disappeared into complete silence: Rereading a Single Artwork by Louise Bourgeois

‘Oh’, she said. I looked down and saw the lady. She looked confused. ‘I thought those legs were part of the artwork, but they’re yours’. The legs in question were mine. They were stood on a ladder while the upper half of my body had disappeared into the attic. It had been watching a fairly horrendous film in which two men were making something unidentifiable[…..]