October, 2011

Frieze Art Fair: Special Projects and Emdash Award

From time to time we at DailyServing like to feature content from sites we partner with, like the Huffington Post and Art Practical.  Today we bring you a look at several of the special projects commissioned by the Frieze Art Fair, which closed October 16, 2011.  This post comes courtesy of the Huffington Post, Constantin Bjerke, and Crane.tv. — The aim of the Frieze Art[…..]

From the DS Archives: Ai Weiwei

This week from the DS archives we bring you an oldy but a goody: Ai Weiwei. You can see his Circle of animals/Zodiac Heads at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art until February 12, 2012. The following article was originally published on May 21, 2008 by Annette Michalski: A collection of works by acclaimed Chinese conceptual artist, Ai Weiwei is currently on show at[…..]

The Famous One from Lucas #1

A biblical parable tells of a wayward son who leaves home for a distant land after demanding his inheritance from his father. Squandering his riches quickly, he repentantly returns to his father’s house hoping to be hired as one of his father’s servants but find instead, his father’s unexpected kindness and forgiveness. Christine Ay Tjoe’s current site-specific show The Famous One from Lucas # I[…..]

Things with Birds in Them

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley I am in Wisconsin this week. My uncle picked me up at the airport Monday, and, within minutes, had reminded me that Madison was filled with nothing more than zombies and liberals—I’d come in to the Madison airport, but he and my grandmother live an hour’s drive out—and had asked me if[…..]

Chroma: Interview with Katarzyna Przezwanska

Katarzyna Przezwanska‘s work is both playful and serious: riotous colors precisely define spaces for objects on a desk or in a room, or grace the facade of a dour old concrete building. She is equally adept at using pop brights and cool, pensive tones to create moods or to reference a particular history or locale. Her installation in the most recent Frieze Art Fair elicited[…..]

Wrong Angles

Alex Spremberg’s current exhibition at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts is an exploration of the limits of painting and a meditation upon the throwaway materials that pervade contemporary life, specifically the omnipresent cardboard box and the printed newspaper. Wrong Angles is, ostensibly, a painting exhibition, but despite the polychromatic riot of surfaces dripped and marbled with industrial paint, Spremberg reveals a preoccupation with the formal[…..]

The Builders: An Interview with It’s Our Playground

The Builders is a “living exhibition” that runs till 30 October 2011 at The Market Gallery, Glasgow, and unfolds from interventions by a group of artists working in sequence. Heather and Ivan Morison first list the materials and tools that form their dream workshop; Neal Beggs creates new works in the gallery for seven days using only what is found within the workshop, and Nick[…..]