September, 2011

Too Many Mountains

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley As a kid, I lived in a Seattle suburb for a year. We could see Mt. Baker out the living room window – the whole, majestic mountain was right there, nearly always in plain view. Before that, my family had lived in Chicago and Minneapolis, where there are hills and “bluffs” but[…..]

Locked Room Scenario

Like other missed opportunities, there are always certain exhibitions that you regret not seeing – the ones you mean to visit, plan to visit, even try to go and visit – but something gets in the way. Many are forgotten, but in some cases, the in absentia can continue to haunt for years. Locked Room Scenario scratches at these open wounds of regret. As an[…..]

Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont: Stadium

Stadium, the ten-year retrospective of collaborative duo Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont at Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, looks back on a body of work that investigates connections between nationalism, aesthetics and performance. While Gill and Mata Dupont primarily focus on Australian nationalism, their work has its genesis in the global cultural shifts – in particular the increasingly ring-wing politics – that occurred in[…..]

America’s Southwest in Amsterdam.

Anya Gallaccio’s current exhibition ‘highway’ at Annet Gelink Gallery in Amsterdam, is a graceful expression of a personal journey through the life and career of this leading British artist. Widely known for the ephemeral nature of her chosen materials, Gallaccio typically emphasizes notions of permanence, time, and decay. Yet, in her fourth show with Annet Gelink Gallery a preference for transient organic material has been[…..]

Unweaving the Rainbow: An Interview with Mike Womack

Colorado-based artist Mike Womack’s show Spectres, Phantoms, and Poltergeists opened at the Chelsea gallery ZieherSmith on September 15.  DailyServing’s Carmen Winant had a chance to catch up with him this weekend to chat about his practice and the new work. Carmen Winant: What is your background in fine arts? Are you trained in sculpture and is that how you would define your practice? Mike Womack:[…..]

From the DS Archives: Tauba Auerbach

Today from the DS archives we bring you the digital op-art and often dreamily graphic Tauba Auerbach. Auerbach’s show at Glen Horrowitz Bookseller’s East Hampton Gallery closes tomorrow so hurry over! If you miss it worry not, she will be speaking at this year’s New York Art Book Fair held at PS1 in Queens. This article was originally posted on September 8, 2009 by Rebekah[…..]

Bring on the Dwarves: Social Practice and Protest in Poland

Dwarves, videos, homemade t-shirts and cardboard tanks: this is what you’ll find in Happenings Against Communism by the Orange Alternative at the Galeria Miedzynarodowego Centrum Kultury in Krakow.  It’s a multi-roomed tour of Polish protest in the 1980s, the retrospective of a social practice movement that swept an entire country.  Although the tone of the exhibition is playfully iconoclastic—that’s the whole point—I often found myself[…..]