August, 2011

Lonely Furrow

Eschewing portrayals of the pastoral life, Shambhavi Singh’s canvasses are visceral, nebulous and profoundly spiritual, tending towards the cosmic and perhaps, even the anti-idyllic pastoral. Lonely Furrow, her solo exhibition at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute, re-centres our focus on the harsh existence of rural workers in her native Bihar but refrains quite remarkably, from any social commentary of the rural-urban divisions plaguing rapidly industrialising[…..]

Me, Myself, and My Avatar

Along with nine, hand-selected participants, artist Desirée Holman has spent the last two years developing a series of avatars. The resulting project, Heterotopias, 2011, a video and supporting drawings on view now at the Berkeley Art Museum, refers to corporeal reality’s relationship to virtual reality, the physical process by which the digitally rendered avatar is formed, and the ironic stasis of the body whilst the[…..]

From the DS Archives: Mike Kelley

On view from September 8 – October 22 at Gagosian Gallery (London), Mike Kelley continues his investigation on the inconsistencies in the story of Superman. Kelley began his quest in 1999 with the Kandors series, and the newest iteration, Exploded Fortress of Solitude, highlights the devastation and destruction of Superman’s home planet. The following article was originally posted on February 2, 2011 by Caitlin Moore. Mike Kelley[…..]

Fan Mail: Curtis Amisich


For this edition of Fan Mail, Curtis Amisich has been selected from a group of worthy submissions. If you would like to be considered, please submit to a link to your website with ‘Fan Mail’ in the subject line. Two artists are featured each month—the next one could be you! In 1964, Time magazine published an article entitled “Op Art: Pictures that Attack the[…..]

Offensive Anatomy

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley When sculptor Lynda Benglis published her scandal-worthy Artforum ad in 1974, the one where she held a double dildo up to her naked, oiled, and fit-as-a-biker-chick body, the din of criticism that followed came mainly from art world insiders. It was the insiders Benglis made the ad for, reacting against potently macho[…..]

Ralph Eugene Meatyard at the Art Institute of Chicago

Much is written about the biography of Ralph Eugene Meatyard. A Navy man, born in Illinois, he attended Williams College through the Navy’s V-12 program. He became a licensed optician and lived most of his life in Lexington, KY. In 1950, before his first child was born, he made a life changing decision: he bought a camera. That’s when he found his new calling. He[…..]

Go to Hell Moamar: Benghazi’s Aesthetic Insurrection

A man sits in front of a cartoon graffiti depicting Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in Benghazi

#Hashtags: Viral Thoughts on Politics, Arts, and Culture In honor of last weekend’s events in Libya, DailyServing kicks off our newest series, #Hashtags, with an article by writer and editor Matthew Harrison Tedford on street art and politics.  #Hashtags provides a platform for longer reconsiderations of artworks and art practices outside of the review format and in new contexts.  Please send queries and/or ideas for[…..]