July, 2011

From the DS Archives: Turner Prize Sound Off

This Sunday, From the DS Archives features artist Martin Creed and others from the 2010 Turner Prize. Creed is currently exhibiting in a summer group exhibition at the Tate St. Ives. As part of an ongoing series of artist videos produced by the Tate, TateShots brings you a short video on Martin Creed. The following article was originally published on December 16, 2010 by Michelle[…..]

We Operate in the Vacuum, and Other Tales

Once upon a time there was a very high hill. Then, an apartment building appeared on the hilltop, with a giant swimming pool pointing towards the Guanabara Bay. From the apartments’ windows, all of Rio de Janeiro can be seen, including the Corcovado, Sugar Loaf, the bridge to Niterói and beyond. The capital of the country had yet not been transferred from Rio to a[…..]

Grounds for Annulment

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley When essayist Geoff Dyer, whose main goal always seems to be sating his own curiosity, debuted his New York Times book column last week, he did so with a perfectly paced takedown of art historian Michael Fried. Fried famously “exposed” the melodrama of minimalism in the late 1960s, and that’s what he[…..]

HAIRY: An Interview with Chris Sollars

For the last year, Bay Area artist Chris Sollars has sported a biblical behemoth of a beard, although his cleanly shaven cheeks are once again on view in Sollars’s newest project, Hairy, shown as part of YBCA’s Bay Area Now.  It’s an interesting update on an identity-probing lineage that includes predecessors like Chris Burden, Gordon Matta Clark, James Luna, Ana Mendieta, and David Hammons.  DailyServing[…..]

Architecture of Narrative

As part of our ongoing partnership with Art Practical, Daily Serving is republishing Patricia Maloney‘s article Architecture of Narrative on David Claerbout‘s exhibition at SFMOMA in San Francisco. Four video installations comprise Architecture of Narrative, the exhibition of work by Belgian artist David Claerbout, currently on view at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition’s title underscores the presiding concerns in Claerbout’s study[…..]

Skip the Trip to the Library:
People Don’t Like to Read Art at Western Exhibitions, Chicago

“People don’t like to read art.” It’s the sort of self-deprecating, tongue in cheek, slightly hipster-ish title you’d expect from a show featuring just such a group of young artists. “We acknowledge not everyone will enjoy this text+art stuff. And we don’t care, because we say it’s important.” But taken a bit less literally, as I had initially interpreted the title, it gets at the[…..]

I found Paradise at ltd los angeles.

As an exhibition of contemporary Puerto Rican artists, one might be tempted to hypothesize that Paraíso, on view this month at ltd los angeles, is meant to express a quintessentially Puerto Rican attitude, or perhaps act as homage to the land itself.  What’s primarily on display, however, is a state of mind: one shared by quite a few 21st-century contemporary artists, regardless of nationality.  In[…..]