February, 2011

Cover to Cover

As contemporary life embraces digital formats as a means of convenience, analog devices have become more and more scarce in contemporary society. Record albums have all but disappeared for mp3’s, newspapers for blogs (such as DailyServing) and printed books for Kindles and iPads. While there is a growing demand for these analog items for the nostalgic, these physical objects are equally fetishizied as they diminish[…..]

From the DS Archives: Ryan McGinness

This Sunday From the DS Archives invites you to check out what Ryan McGinness has been up to.  Among his many shows slated for 2011, Coloroblicuo at Espai Cultural Caja Madrid of Barcelona is beginning on the 26 of this month and will be up through March. This article was originally written by Seth Curcio on July 20th, 2009. Using the principles of graphic design, painter and[…..]

Building Up Layers: An interview with Leslie Wayne

Leslie Wayne wants viewers to feel the Earth’s compression and sense the subduction of geologic forces in her dimensional oil paintings. She layers vibrant and dissonant colors built through the structural qualities of paint. When the top layer is dry, she cuts, flips and sculpts the material to evoke the power of the natural world. A collection of the last five years of her work[…..]

It’s Easy to Find the Pockets

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley On January 5th, 2nd Cannons Publications, artist Brian Kennon’s publishing venture, sent out a press release. It announced “the last exhibition in our Chinatown project space/vitrine,” a small closet-sized enclave at 510 Bernard St. with a glass sliding door. 2nd Cannons has been hosting miniature shows there for the past 3 years.[…..]

ArtStars* Michael Triegel on God in Leipzig

Today’s video is from our friends at ArtStars*, a traveling show about the contemporary art world, out to uncover the 7 Unsolved Mysteries of the Art World — one art scene, one country at a time. In this video, host, Nadja Sayej, discusses Michael Triegel’s commission by the Catholic Church to paint a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI. Here they are at the raucous celebration[…..]

Fan Mail: Eszter Burghardt

DailyServing.com selects two notable artists each month from the submissions we receive to be featured in our series, Fan Mail. For a chance to have your work appear below, with an article written by one of the DailyServing contributors, please submit a link to your website to info@dailyserving.com, subject: Fan Mail. You could be the next artist in the series! (We will try to contact[…..]

Collectors’ Stage: Asian contemporary art from private collections

Not too long ago, I spoke with Howard Rutkowski, formerly of Sotheby’s and now director of Fortune Cookie Projects, intending to satiate my curiosity about art auctions and art dealing. While he probably scoffed at my naivety, he candidly said to me, “Plunging into the murky business of the art world is akin to swimming with the sharks. There’s a delicate dance that takes place[…..]