From the DS Archives: Jay Kelly

This Sunday From the DS Archives brings you California artist, Jay Kelly. You can see Kelly’s current exhibition through April of this year at the Katonah Museum of Art in Katonah New York.

This article was originally written by Seth Curcio on November 30th, 2008.

Artist Jay Kelly currently has a new series of works on view in the exhibition titled Rawness & Polish with Commissary Arts in Venice Beach, California. The works on view will include several medium and small-format collages. Some of the works are illuminated by light boxes, constructed of photographs, stencils, spray paint, and found imagery. The artist successfully fuses his personal interests of natural and urban-based elements, found in the land and cityscape of Southern California, with a highly decorative method of visual arrangement. The result reflects a slice of contemporary life synthesized into a graphically compartmentalized surface.

Kelly is a graduate of the UCLA, and has recently exhibited with Go Go Gallery in Miami, Florida andMuseum Works Gallery in New York City and Los Angeles. The artist was also commissioned this year to create a new work of art for The Abbot Kinney District Association, for this year’s Abbot Kinney Festival in Southern California.