From the DS Archives: Franziska-Klotz

This Sunday, the DS Archives reintroduces German artists Franziska-Klotz. This February Franziska-Klotz will be showing solo at the Charim Ungar Gallerie Berli.  She is also currently part of the group show Lost, up through March at the Galerie im Parkin Bremen.

This article was originally written by Seth Curcio on April 24th, 2009.

fransika klotz detail 'valley'.jpg

Currently on view at the Cerasoli Gallery in Culver City, California is new work by artists John Grande,Franziska – Klotz and Nick Potter. Each artist has been given an individual gallery to present new paintings concurrently, while the exhibition loosely focuses on the various photographic genres that these artists reference within the work.

German-born Franziska Klotz creates figurative paintings that remain highly abstracted in her show titledNowhere Right Here. The artist is developing an ongoing archive of snapshot imagery that she uses to construct her works. Many of the images come into focus slowly for the viewer, offering a rich depth both formally and through her ambiguous narratives.

john grane installation .jpg

Under the title Glamour and Gloom, John Grande has created a collection of paintings which mix fashion related imagery with a highly level of cinematic drama. The artist exploits archetypes of gender and beauty to reveal the many connections and contradictions in fashion and art.

Artist Nick Potter was born in England and creates reductive paintings which reference a variety of imagery ranging from still lives and interiors to figures. All of the paintings in his show Society of Spectacle are characterized by their cold isolation, which as the artist has stated, underscores a sense of anxiety within a post-Cold War society.

Each of these shows will be on view at Cerasoli Gallery from April 18 – May 13, 2009.