December, 2010

Mystery Spot

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley Pierre Restany, the critic who co-coined the term Nouveau Réalisme, was supposed to be there for Yves Klein’s first Leap into the Void. Weeks earlier, Klein had told Restany “he was going to do something very ‘important.’” He was “going to give a practical demonstration of levitation,” and he wanted Restany to[…..]

SECA Award Winners Announced

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art announced their 2010 SECA Award winners yesterday: Mauricio Ancalmo, Colter Jacobsen, Ruth Laskey, and Kamau Amu Patton.  The award honors San Francisco area artists who are “working independently at a high level of artistic maturity but who have not yet received substantial recognition.”  Each artist will be featured in an exhibition at SFMOMA in fall 2011.  Congratulations to[…..]

Turner Prize Sound Off

As the most notorious art world prize in Britain, the Turner Prize is known to ignite controversy – from Damien Hirst’s dead sheep and Martin Creed’s lights going on and off, to Tracey Emin’s drunken appearance and the expletives Madonna released on live television the year she presented the prize. However, it seems as if the Turner Prize might be growing up – emerging out[…..]

Saskia Pintelon: Getting to the Heart

A shrine, or a tribute to abstract expressionism, or so I thought, as Saskia Pintelon’s more-image-than-text paintings came into view. Like Mark Rothko’s soft-edged, colored-rectangles that often alluded to metaphysical concerns that extended beyond the material boundaries of his canvas, Pintelon’s palette of muddy earth-tones that bleed black, greys and reds seems to suggest that the contemporary creative process remains primeval and transcendental but inescapably[…..]

Um…My Eyes Are Up Here: John Currin at Gagosian

The biggest snow job in history is how high art in Western culture has largely been about ogling T&A under the guise of mythological allegory. Work by academic art stars like Bouguereau and Cabanel from the Paris Salon look like soft-core porn, and everybody knows that old master subjects like The Three Graces and The Judgement Of Paris are mostly a front for putting the[…..]

Fan Mail: Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada selects two notable artists each month from the submissions we receive to be featured in our series, Fan Mail. For a chance to have your work appear below, with an article written by one of the DailyServing contributors, please submit a link to your website to, subject: Fan Mail. You could be the next artist in the series! (We will try to contact[…..]

From the DS Archives: Bani Abidi

Today on DS Archives reintroduces you to Bani Abidi, a Pakistan based artist  who will be working at the Artists-in-Berlin Program of the German Academic Exchange Service in 2011. DS featured her work back in 2008. This article was originally written by Seth Curcio on February 26th, 2008. Pakistani artist Bani Abidi will be exhibiting a collection of video and photographic works with Green Cardamon for her[…..]