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I have—unfortunately— encountered photography mostly in the margins of art history books as tiny little thumbnails floating on a forgotten side of the page—barely discernible against the appalling text wraps and lines of grieving widows.  I have also sat through numerous brain dulling conversations about whether or not photography is art, in which a staggering range of opinions are expressed, none of them bearing much weight one way or another.

With this history, you might understand why the first time I encountered photography as it’s meant to be encountered I was astonished—giddy with delight and absolutely staunch in my opulent opinion regarding the photographic arts. In this vein, I was delighted to discover Adam De Neige, a young Franco – Iranian artist who has rendered elegant colored photographs of black and white models, referencing with great lucidity and lightheartedness, the old masters.

The conceptual twist of the oxymoronic colored black and white photographs comes off as a sort of tongue in cheek—and while this is embedded in the work and is reinforced by De Neiges use of common present day objects, like the badminton shuttle cock that composes the ladies dust ruffle, the photographs have a historically ubiquitous quality.  The narrative is self compiling and acquiesces the viewer to pause as the brain goes through a rapid neuro-firing and mis-firing of all the art and world history and photographic techniques knowledge he or she might have stored.  All said, the series is a well wrought set of photographs that accomplish quite a lot with a simple, well executed idea that satisfies aesthetic beauty and artistic cleverness.

Adam is studying in Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna – in Amelie Von Wullfen’s Class for Figurative Painting and Mathias Herrmann’s Class for Photography.