November, 2010

New Work: R.H. Quaytman at SFMOMA

Today’s article is from our friends at KQED arts in San Francisco, where Danielle Sommer discusses R. H. Quaytman’s new work at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. In the 1950s, San Francisco poet Jack Spicer wrote that he considered a collection of poems to be a community meant to “echo and re-echo against each other.” A quick look at R.H. Quaytman’s new installation,[…..]

The Spectacular Spectacular

Urban artists in Singapore like ZERO are sought after by advertising companies whose intentions are to speak the lingo of a younger consumer market. The moral dilemma behind what is relatively known to have started on the streets to becoming a recognized trend in the mainstream market leave different impressions. On one hand, the success of what is still considered an illegal act in Singapore[…..]

From the DS Archives: Catherine Opie

Today, From the DS Archives reintroduces you to L.A. based photographer Catherine Opie. Opies latest body of work Catherine Opie:Figure and Landscape showed at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and explores issues of community and national identity through images of high school football. This article was originally written by Julie Henson on May 15th, 2010. Closing next weekend at Regen Projects II in Los[…..]

Fan Mail: Ela Zubrowska selects two notable artists each month from the submissions we receive to be featured in our series, Fan Mail. For a chance to have your work appear below, with an article written by one of the DailyServing contributors, please submit a link to your website to, subject: Fan Mail. You could be the next artist in the series! (We will try to contact[…..]

The California Biennial: So What Are We Going to Do?

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley On November 2nd, 72 year-old Jerry Brown, a walking archive of California radicalism, gave his gubernatorial acceptance speech from the stage of Oakland’s Fox Theater. “Now look,” he said, with let-me-level-with-you straightness, “I like the symbolism of this theater because it was dark and . . .  there were people camped in[…..]

Paper or Plastic: Ester Partegàs, More World at Foxy Production

While elevating trash is nothing new in art, Partegàs has a knack for knowing when to exercise supreme control and when to recede. In a group of tree sculptures, each titled Overcast, bags are tied over the branches as if to protect from the elements. At first glance, they seem like castoffs from the Home Depot Garden Center. However, the plastic is heavier than that[…..]

Direct serious action is therefore necessary

“What is the function of art, or the nature of art? If we continue our analogy of the forms art takes as being art’s language one can realize then that a work of art is a kind of proposition presented within the context of art as a comment on art. We can then go further and analyze the types of propositions.” – Art after Philosophy[…..]