November, 2010

Have you been inside ‘The Bubble’?

It’s the burning question floating around London’s artworld these days. The number of smug souls who have entered James Turrell’s giant sphere at Gagosian Gallery slowly grows as the days pass, while others desperately long to get inside and experience first-hand what the buzz is all about. For decades, the illustrious Californian artist has used light as his medium. His aspirations have never been modest.[…..]

Serial Killers

The serial artist does not attempt to produce a beautiful or mysterious object but functions merely as a clerk cataloging the results of his premise. – Sol Lewitt Operating on logical relationships that rule out unpredictability, seriality, as Jean Baudrillard argued in decades past, is a phenomenon inextricably tied to industrial production and modernity. To those who live in the twenty-first century some half a[…..]

Today from the DS Archives: Walter Kitundu

Today, From the DS Archives reintroduces you to Walter Kitundu, an artist with an extraordinary range and incredible energy. Kitundu continues to add to his repertoire—working in sound, photography, design and more—my new favorite being his bird blog. This article was originally written by Arden Sherman on November 21st, 2008. The cryptic sounds of hidden nature, wild animals, and native cultures are not only found[…..]

Hauntology at Berkeley Art Museum

Today’s article is from our friends at Art Practical, where Renny Pritikin discusses the exhibition, Hauntology, at the Berkeley Art Museum. Hauntology, co-curated by Larry Rinder and Scott Hewicker, at the UC Berkeley Art Museum, posits that the past inhabits the present in the same way that an individual’s past shapes how he perceives and acts in the present. By extension, art history and contemporary[…..]

Stop. Move. And Again.

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley Stop motion lends itself to stilted narratives about creativity. Some of the earliest films for which the frame-by-frame technique was used tell stories about eccentric characters making something almost as eccentric as themselves. In Thomas Edison’s 1902 project, Fun in a Bakery, a baker smothers a rat he sees with a glob[…..]

Isaac Tin Wei Lin @ Print Center Philadelphia

Isaac Tin Wei Lin’s current exhibition at the Print Center is his first solo show in the Makeready series, entitled One of Us. Consisting of a silkscreen installation, 26 gouache paintings, and a freehand mural, the framed gouache drawings greet us and reveal a bit of the extensive processes in the exhibition. More interesting as a group than they are individually, the power of these[…..]

Michael Rea

DailyServing recently had the opportunity to catch up with Chicago-based artist Michael Rea to see what he has been up to since his inclusion in the 2009 DailyServing curated exhibition 1000 DAYS, in Los Angeles. Rea has been busy with all types of new studio projects, many of which have culminated in two concurrent exhibitions on view in Chicago. Seth Curcio: So Mike, its been[…..]