November, 2010

Move: Choreographing You

Move: Choreographing You is an exhibition at Hayward Gallery, London from 13 October 2010 to 9 January 2011 which explores the interaction between contemporary art and dance. The experiments between visual artists such as Robert Morris and Robert Rauschenberg and dancers from Yvonne Rainer to Merce Cunningham in New York in the 1960s led to the insertion of bodily forms and movements into the visual[…..]

A Shovel, A Roulette Wheel and a Check Walk into A Bar

I have a really hard time living in the present. I’m at odds, generally, to be here, now and that fucks me up pretty much all of the time. When I write, especially for public consumption, I anticipate the criticisms and counter-arguments that will prove me a fool and it becomes hard to start working. When I’m at my desk, trying to schedule trucks, I[…..]

From the DS Archives: Korin Fought

From the DS Archives reacquaints you with the work of Korin Fought who has been building on the same motifs that were  featured here in 2008. Fought continues to explore the sweet and provocative and unusual and unexpected moments in which people come together and it’s clear that the work has done quite a bit of growing up.  She most recently exhibited at the Corey[…..]

Why I Love Wade Guyton

Wade Guyton’s work functions beautifully on material and conceptual levels. Guyton, currently represented by Friedrich Petzel in New York, is well-known for his work using the symbol X: represented sculpturally by black planks propped in a landscape, or markered onto a photograph, or printed in repeating patterns on linen. But lately I’ve been looking at his large-scale paintings from 2007/2008 and marveling over the way[…..]

Women of California Coolness

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley Back when L.A. art was in its adolescence, critic Peter Plagens asked painter John Altoon why being an artist couldn’t just be about making work: I used to say, “John, what about the artist who just goes into his studio, paints paintings and tries to make them the best that he can?[…..]

The Foster Prize finalists at the ICA Boston

The Foster Prize at the ICA Boston is one of the perennial Boston happenings where we take part in our favorite pastime: complaining. We complain about it from beginning to end investigating the minutia, gossiping about the motivations behind nominations, and frowning at the notion that any of the art could be worth our time. This worthwhile award has been slighted in recent years as[…..]

Perfect Game: Raymond Pettibon, Hard in the Paint at David Zwirner

Rajon Flocka James in the house! The title of Raymond Pettibon’s current show at David Zwirner, Hard in the Paint, riffs on basketball, art making, the Southern hip-hopper Waka Flocka Flame and maybe even the YouTube parody Baraka Flocka Flame. By signing the gallery wall “Rajon Flocka James,” Pettibon, whose given name is Raymond Ginn and is no stranger to cultivating an artistic persona, is[…..]