From the DS Archives: Korin Fought

From the DS Archives reacquaints you with the work of Korin Fought who has been building on the same motifs that were  featured here in 2008. Fought continues to explore the sweet and provocative and unusual and unexpected moments in which people come together and it’s clear that the work has done quite a bit of growing up.  She most recently exhibited at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, California.

For her first LA solo show, painter Korin Faught will be exhibiting a series of twenty two oil on canvas paintings and drawings at Corey Helford Gallery from March 22-April 19, 2008. Faught is influenced by mid-century modernity, both in fashion and interior design. She depicts young and stylish couples and twins together, but not necessarily engaged with one another. They seem slightly self-conscious and distracted, their gazes often divergent. She uses a neutral palette, which is complemented by highly diffused indoor lighting and a formal composition. However, this neutrality is enhanced by the subtle depth seen in the white of her palette. In “The Couple,” her ability to depict an entire range of color can be seen in the suggestion of the pinkish skin underneath the sheet, the warm white of the wall, the coolness of the blouse, and the patterning of the pillow.

Faught received her B.F.A. from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in 2004 and has previously exhibited at Merry Karnowsky Gallery and Gallery Nucleus in California. She has also been featured in the Italian magazine Abitare and on