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There is a certain visual rhapsody that comes out of capturing what is typically unseen. Perhaps it’s the closest thing to magic that most of us will experience, or maybe its a trickle down effect from all that scientifically motivated proving. Regardless of the genesis, revealing the unseen in nature is provocative—and more often than not—totally stunning in its completeness.

Ela Zubrowska’s latest series Water to Water is an ode to the oft forgotten life essential. Referentially we have this: “the total amount of water in a man of average weight is approximately 40 liters, averaging 57 percent of his total body weight. In a newborn infant, this may be as high as 75 percent of the body weight, but it progressively decreases from birth to old age… the human body is about 60% water in adult males and 55% in adult female.” While these statistics are consistently incredible and certainly relevant to the topic, the more alluring outcome of the work is the stripped away facade of both substance and subject. Zubrowska pairs photographs of revealed liquidity with portraits of individuals who are soaking wet and strangely vulnerable.

Far from meek, the portraits have a primal quality that amplifies each individual personage and seems to reveal a captured moment of genuine existence while the pictures of water seem to mirror some portion of that reality. When seen as a whole, the photographs generate a sensuous yet afflicted dialogue between powerful stability and a shifting vulnerability. Ela Zubrowska has studied psychology and law at Savoy University in France and Photography in AF in Warsaw. She currently works as a freelance photographer, lecturer and graphic designer. Her latest exhibition was in August 2010 at the International Festival of Photography by the young—dream within a dream in Jaroslaw, Poland.