October, 2010

From the DS Archives: Edward Burtynsky

From the DS Archives is sharing with you again Edward Burtynsky an artist who explores the haunting and less frequently captured scenes from industry and commercialization. Burtynsky’s newest work is focused on oil (of the petroleum variety) revealing  the rarely seen moments in the journey of the material; from its devestating extraction to the impact it has on our lives. Burtynsky has recently won the[…..]

Dan Colen at Gagosian

Today on DS, we bring you an article from our friends at DaWire. Carla Acevedo takes a look at Dan Colen’s controversial new show at Gagosian Gallery’s 24th Street space. The most talked about and controversial show of the New York City Fall season: Dan Colen’s inaugural solo debut at Gagosian titled Poetry. Walking around Chelsea during the opening weeks of the season, it was[…..]

Residue of Enchantment

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley Irving Penn’s Still Life with Triangle and Red Eraser (1985) currently hangs in a small maroon room in the basement of the Getty Museum’s West Pavilion. It’s part of the In Focus: Still Life exhibition, a charming but uneventful “best of” survey of the Getty’s images of objects. The print is a[…..]