From the DS Archives: Peter Marigold

One of those people that straddles the design and fine art world, the work of Peter Marigold is thoughtful, finely crafted and really gorgeous. From the DS Archives invites you to revisit the work of Marigold, a British Design Awards 2010 nominee.

This article was originally written on September 28, 2007 by Ian Curcio.

British designer Peter Marigold’s obsession with storage has led him to do several pieces where he studies how geometric phenomena can be the basis for creating structures. This year’s Split Series was based on the 360 principle, splitting a form into angled pieces and then inverting them achieves a total of 360 degrees. While his work may be based in geometry, his pieces flow poetically and seamlessly. Marigold is among a group of emerging designers showcased in Grandmateria at the Gallery Libby Sellers in London. The exhibition was launched during the London Design Festival but will continue through October for the Frieze Art Fair. Part of the group at OkayStudio, Marigold has designed installations for the Paul Smith headquarters and was featured in the British Council’s Great Brits: Ingenious Therapies exhibition. The Central St. Martins graduate has his MFA in design from the Royal College of Art.