October, 2010

From the DS Archives: Nathalie Djurberg

Today, From the DS Archives brings you the work of Berlin-based artist Nathalie Djurberg. Nathalie’s work, which features motion animation, installation, sculpture and drawing, will be featured in the upcoming exhibition Stop. Move. at Blum and Poe opening Saturday November 6th. Stay tuned for coverage of that exhibition which includes the work of Djurberg, Hirsch Perlman, Robin Rhode and Matt Saunders. This article was originally[…..]

Eric Hibit’s Picture Cohesion

What do Tide detergent boxes, Ronald McDonald, cute pictures of kittens and the marginally dressed little girl from old sunscreen commercials have in common? They are all part of contemporary culture and made a sparkling appearance in Eric Hibit‘s Picture Cohesion. Doug McClemont of Daily Magazine once wrote Hibit is “one to watch”. And, Hibit’s return to the city of his undergraduate alma mater, Corcoran[…..]

When I Say Image, That’s Different Than Me

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley “What I advocate is threatening,” said Peter Berlin in 2004, talking to Butt magazine about his fondness for wearing nylons under tight, tight white shorts. The artist/porn star, who emerged in the 70s sporting a blond-ish pageboy haircut, explained he’s always running from police who claim he’s wearing only underwear. What does[…..]

Lorretta Lux: Photographs in Milan

On view through this week at Galleria Carla Sozzani in Milan is the solo exhibition Photographs, featuring new works by German artist Loretta Lux. The artist’s portraits of young children highlight the attention to detail, composition and color that characterize much of classical painting. In fact, she is a painter by training -influenced by Old Masters such as Diego Velázquez, Agnolo Bronzino, Philipp Otto Runge,[…..]

Our History in the Present Tense

There are two shows in Minneapolis that share a familiar photographic theme. From W.P.A. era photographers roaming the country to Nan Goldin‘s efforts to record her friends and loved ones, these photographs hope to mirror what and who we are and to write our history in the present tense. The Minneapolis Institute of Art’s Embarrassment of Riches and The Walker Art Center‘s From Here to[…..]

The Joy of C-Prints

Today’s article is from our friends at Art Practical, where Mary Anne Kluth discusses a sculptural presentation of C-prints by Mariah Robertson at the NOMA Gallery in San Francisco. Mariah Robertson’s C-prints at NOMA Gallery are tactile, warped celebrations of the physical process of color photography rooted in the medium’s tradition of experimentation. Manipulating the fundamental interactions of light, paper, and dyes through the exposure[…..]

Jean-Pascal Flavien

Arguably, the most meaningful aspects of our lives are the relationships and exchanges that come from them. In casa para 2, Berlin-based artist Jean-Pascal Flavien has created an architectural space to induce an experimental dialogue between two people, Person A and Person B. As a means of distinguishing separation, each person participating is designated a color, either red or blue. The interlocking cube structure of[…..]