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The Spanish art collective known as Luzinterruptus creates temporary installations in various public spaces using low luminous light as the medium. Working at night, the anonymous artists deploy their light designs, transforming chosen environments into ethereal areas of intrigue. Luzinterruptus’ nocturnal situations elicit curiosity from passerby, prompting an enhanced awareness of shared presence.

For the Rizoma Festival in Albacete, Spain this past July, Luzinterruptus installed Floating Presences, which lasted for one week and consisted of eighty “lit presences populating the water…observing with all attention what passed by them. All living in harmony among fish, ducks, children bathing and also neighbors.” The eighty ghostlike forms floated down the river, emitting a mysterious serenity to those around, each elegantly embracing the age-old interaction between light and water. Floating Presences awakens an instinctive awareness of beauty.