August, 2010

Use and Abuse

Rise of Rebellion: DailyServing’s latest week-long series Today on DS, we look at the desire and longing for rebellion embedded in the work of Nan Goldin, Larry Clark, Dash Snow and Ryan McGinley. Check out how the acts captured in these artists’ work become an icon for a generation desperate for a more rebellious lifestyle. Thinking back to the days of being a rebellious teenager[…..]

Jobs Suck and Art Rules: Today I Made Nothing at Elizabeth Dee

Rise of Rebellion: DailyServing’s latest week-long series On the heels of our week-long themed series 7 Days of Myth and Summer of Utopia, DailyServing is proud to bring you a collection of writings that explore the use of rebellion in contemporary art in this week’s series Rise of Rebellion. In this latest week-long series, our writers will explore the ways in which contemporary artists are[…..]

From the DS Archives: Interview with Drew Heitzler

This week, From the DS Archives has chosen to reintroduce Catherine Wagley’s interview with artist Drew Heitzler.  Heitzler’s film installations are worth revisiting for the way they explore history and narrative through manipulated found footage as well as his own new work in film.  Notably inspired by the precedent of history paintings like The Oath of the Horatii, Heitzler presents us with filmic narratives of[…..]

Liberated Women

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley A friend of mine, a sculptor with immense brown eyes and a long figure that that always looks both cautious and comfortable with itself, was standing next to her brother’s Ford Explorer outside an Illinois gas station. They’d just been to see their grandfather in a rest home and it was the[…..]

Interview with Babak Golkar

Babak Golkar is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice, at its fundamental roots, takes aim to deconstruct, recontextualize and rearrange our perceptions of the world around us. Like Zen koans, Golkar’s work seems to arrive at new understandings by setting up impossible questions. At it’s core is a spirit of unbridled philosophical investigation; one that exhibits a Duchampian twist on the visual pun mixed with a[…..]

Colin Quashie: Service

Colin Quashie’s recently completed mural, entitled Service, focuses on the intricacy of interactions between art and politics in a complex, expressive artwork commissioned by the University of North Carolina’s School of Government. Noted as a controversial artist, Quashie, based in Charleston, South Carolina, undertook the completion of this project sustained by the patronage of the Local Government Federal Credit Union. The painting commemorates the contributions[…..]

Kitty Huffman: Self Portrait

According to an article this year, Amercians’ top fears include: terrorism, flying and heights. All of these, we can assume, stem from an ultimate fear of physical pain or death. However, there are those whose life experiences include certain hardships or burdens that would cause them to fear something such as abandonment above even the most horrific physical harm. Wisconsin-based artist Kitty Huffman has explored[…..]