June, 2010

Maurizio Cattelan: Is There Life Before Death?

A myth is a foundational narrative that may be based in truth or fiction but either way it tells a story of who we are. Thus self-consciousness is constructed by a shared narrative and helps us to give shape and even name our identity. If we think of identity in the usual terms of religion or nationalism, some examples of these mythological narratives include the[…..]

Mike Kelley: Arenas

Flip through any Mike Kelley catalog and you’re likely to find a plethora of images that show the artist to be a maker of videos, installations, and objects that betray what critic Jerry Saltz once described as “clusterfuck aesthetics“.  So it may be a surprise to view the relatively straightforward Arenas at Skarstedt Gallery, comprised of seven out of the eleven works from the original[…..]

7 Days of Myth

Over the next 7 days, DailyServing will be bringing you the first installment of a new series that considers a selection of new international artists through one central topic. This week, our writers tackle the concept of Myth through the work of a variety of artists by way of features, articles, reviews and interviews. Check back every day this week to see how our artists[…..]

From the DS Archives: Taylor McKimens

Each Sunday we reach deep into the DailyServing Archives to unearth an old feature that we think needs to see the light of day. This week we found a post featuring playful paintings and sculptures by artist Taylor McKimens. If you have a favorite feature that you think should be published again, simply email us at info@dailyserving.com with you selection and include DS Archive in[…..]

Nick Cave and Phyllis Galembo

Call and Response: Africa to America / The Art of Nick Cave and Phyllis Galembo recently opened at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art in Charleston, South Carolina. The exhibition brings together the work of two American artists intrigued by the formation of cultural identity and individual experience within a society. Drawing inspiration from the rich ceremonial traditions and elaborate guises of African nations, Nick[…..]

Andrew Lord’s Bodies

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley The poet Frederick Seidel once received a death threat. It came via answering machine, in the form of a message left by a young woman. In a breathy voice, the woman said, “Frederick Seidel . . . Frederick Seidel . . . you think you’re going to live. You think you’re going[…..]

Louise Bourgeois: Mother and Child, at Gallery Paule Anglim

This past weekend, the art world took a collective breath as it was informed of the death of a titan, French-American artist Louise Bourgeois. At the age of 98, Bourgeois had accomplished an impressive sixty-year career which, at the time of her death, was continuing to gain momentum. Bourgeois was born December 25, 1911 in Paris, France where her artistic career started as a young[…..]