June, 2010

Johan Grimonprez

Despite the plethora of images and information that inundates contemporary life, we can rarely be certain of the reliability or the persuasive spin defining what we encounter.  Artist Johan Grimonprez questions the reality presented by news media and popular culture and sees that fear has become a global commodity. In an effort to make sense of the chaos and to offer his own critical analysis,[…..]

Seasonal Depression Syndrome Lives at Team Gallery

If the come hither of May’s New York Gallery Week annoyed the crap out of you, then maybe KRATOS — ABOUT (IL)LEGITIMATE(D) POWER at Team Gallery has just the gravitas you’ve been seeking. Monochrome in execution and serious in tone, this Debbie Downer of a show stands in stark contrast to the group hugs that typically fill galleries’ summer schedules. The show is dominated by[…..]

Mileece at the See Line Gallery

See Line Gallery‘s main showroom currently hosts Room Mobile, a display of star-themed mobiles curated by the gallery’s director, Janet Levy. In addition to the eighteen artists who created mobiles, Levy also invited Mileece, a sonic artist, to transform the gallery’s project room into Soniferous Eden.  Mileece’s installation encompasses both terrestrial and astral elements, highlighting the inherent interconnectedness using what she describes as “Aesthetic Sonification.”[…..]

From the DS Archives: Doug Aitken, Migration

Each Sunday we reach deep into the DailyServing Archives to unearth an old feature that we think needs to see the light of day. This week we found a post featuring a review of SoCal native Doug Aitken and his recent video Migration, writen by DailyServing’s Catherine Wagley. If you have a favorite feature that you think should be published again, simply email us at[…..]

Ghada Amer: Color Misbehavior

Ghada Amer is known for appropriating images of women taken from pornography, so it’s not unusual to encounter the stylistic conventions of x-rated material in her work.  At her recent solo exhibition at Cheim & Read, big-breasted women display spread legs and vulvas; two women clutch each other passionately as one penetrates the other with a dildo; a single woman is seen from behind in[…..]

Waiting Room

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley When she gives artist’s lectures, sculptor China Adams often describes her work as a race against her own death. Her smooth plaster “chunks” of ensconced trash, her vampiric experiments with blood consumption and her glass Vitrines filled with mummified possessions all attempt to preserve what’s bound to decay. But, while her work[…..]

Jeremy Wood: Mowing the Lawn

Mowing the lawn is synonymous with suburban existence.  It is a task so habitual and perfunctory that it seems unlikely as artistic subject matter.  However, it is precisely this everyday quality of lawn maintenance that enables Jeremy Wood to imbue it with significance by newly exploring it with GPS (Global Positioning Systems) technology.  For Mowing the Lawn, currently at Tenderpixel in London, Jeremy Wood continues[…..]