Jeremy Wood: Mowing the Lawn

Mowing the lawn is synonymous with suburban existence.  It is a task so habitual and perfunctory that it seems unlikely as artistic subject matter.  However, it is precisely this everyday quality of lawn maintenance that enables Jeremy Wood to imbue it with significance by newly exploring it with GPS (Global Positioning Systems) technology.  For Mowing the Lawn, currently at Tenderpixel in London, Jeremy Wood continues his technique of GPS drawing – this time in his own backyard.  Using GPS to record his riding lawnmower’s path over several seasons, data of his movement and location (including latitude, longitude, altitude and time) are essentialized into a linear pattern.

Wood’s use of GPS diverges from the traditional use of the technology, which was invented by the United States military for navigation and combat purposes.  Instead of underscoring the current power structure, Wood creates personal cartographies that reflect the everyday nature of contemporary mobility.  Wood likens the GPS record of his movement to a ‘visual journal’.  He maps his journey through space and time, recording and understanding an otherwise transient experience in a new way.  Unlike some past work, Mowing the Lawn does not cross borders, but instead ignores traditional lines of power all together.

Jeremy Wood currently lives and works in Oxford, England and Athens, Greece.  Wood has worked with GPS technology since 2000 – when military quality GPS first became available to civilians globally.  He holds a fine arts degree from the University of Derby and an MFA from Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design.  His work was recently included in Map Marking at the Pace Digital Gallery in New York.

Jeremy Wood’s Mowing the Lawn will be on view at Tenderpixel through 22 June 2010.