May, 2010

Chris Beas: Tamburello

Los Angeles based artist Chris Beas is currently presenting a new exhibition titled Tamburello at Martha Otero Gallery in L.A. Similar to previous exhibitions by the Beas, Tamburello consists of several flat works which are bridged by a larger freestanding sculptural installation in the center of the gallery. The exhibition focuses acutely on the events of May 1st 1994 when Formula One driver Ayrton Senna[…..]

From the DS Archives: Epistemology of Polka Dots
Evan Holloway responds to James Turrell

Originally published on May 4, 2008 All images Evan Holloway Project Series 35, 2008, Photo credit: Robert Wedemeyer Polka dots aren’t typically transcendental. They aren’t autonomous and they aren’t monumental. Yet in Evan Holloway’s current exhibition, Project Series 35 at the Pomona College Museum of Art, polka dots take on some serious questions. Holloway’s installation seems like the perfect place to listen to Zeppelin’s “Stairway[…..]

Catherine Opie at Regen Projects

Closing next weekend at Regen Projects II in Los Angeles is new work by Catherine Opie. These photographs titled Twelve Miles to the Horizon document Opie’s trip on a container ship from Korea to Long Beach, capturing the sunrise and sunset across the ten days of the trip. Each image is composed with equal amount of water and sky, deliberately placing the viewer in the[…..]

Can’t Afford the Freeway

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley In the only photograph I have ever seen of her, Kajon Cermak  looks omniscient. She is sitting in a white sedan and glancing sideways at something worthy of a half-smile. But only a half-smile. The main traffic reporter for the public radio station KCRW, Cermak has a been-there-done-that cool to her voice[…..]

Anthony Discenza: Everything Will Probably Work Out OK

Opening Thursday, May 13th and running through Saturday the 15th is a flash project at Catherine Clark Gallery‘s New York space, the 14th Street Studio. The show, entitled Everything Will Probably Work Out OK, will feature recent work by Oakland, CA-based Anthony Discenza. Discenza’s text-based work is both literary-minded and low-brow laugh-inducing, and references the artist’s interest in what he calls an “internal viewing experience,”[…..]

Production Site: The Artist’s Studio Inside-Out

The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago‘s current exhibition, Production Site: The Artist’s studio Inside-Out takes a look at the studio not only as a location for production but also as a place where experimentation, performance, failure, and meditation can occur. Organized by Domonic Molon, this exhibition is in connection with the yearlong city wide Studio Chicago project which brings forth the studio as a site[…..]

Tim Bavington: Decade

Mark Moore Gallery‘s current exhibition, Decade, signifies Tim Bavington‘s tenth year of representation by the gallery, as well as the fifth solo presentation of his work at the gallery.  Bavington synthesizes aural and visual stimuli, organizing chromatic variations of both worlds onto the picture plane.  The artist pays homage to his favorite musicians, often by selecting one of their songs to interpret. In the work,[…..]