Adam Satushek: Annex

Seattle-based photographer Adam Satushek would like to play tricks on your eyes and your mind. His work, currently on view in the solo exhibition, Annex, at Platform Gallery in Seattle, does just that. Often many layers deep, Satushek’s works read like visual puns. The images he captures depict seemingly ordinary spaces and situations, only to reveal upon closer inspection that things aren’t quite as they seem. A stunning landscape is actually a painted backdrop, an elegant sailboat is dwarfed by a monstrous dock—or, more likely, the standard-sized dock appears massive aside a toy boat that glides by. In a way, one is reminded of Rene Magritte—the witty presentation and the questioning of images rings similar. But Satushek appears more earnest in intention. He says that his work “investigates the interactions and integration into the world by humans. As I explore the space between what I assume about the world and the realities of how the world exists, I reconsider the relationships between these objects and their environment. I am attempting to understand my own place in the world.

Adam Satushek lives and works in Seattle, Washington. He earned his BFA in Photography from the University of Washington. His work has been exhibited at Rake Gallery, Portland, OR; SAM Gallery at the Seattle Art Museum Seattle, WA; Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China; and SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA. His work was part of a two-person show at Platform titled In Between Days in 2007.