Sook Kim: Inside Out

For her debut solo exhibition in New York City, Korean artist Sook Kim is presenting fourteen new photographs, which include her famed Saturday Night series, at Gana Art on West 25th St. in NYC. The exhibition, titled Inside Out, features images of buildings in both Germany and New York that have a transparent facade revealing the activity of the inhabitants within the structure. Formally, the images reference movements from Modernism to Minimalism, but the act of viewing the people inside the building, who seem to be unaware of the photographer, allows the most basic voyeuristic tendencies of all viewers to take over. Each image is constructed carefully, lit from inside, and scripted so that each room revealed in the building has something unique to offer.

Utilizing a similar concept and format, HBO created an interactive website called HBO Voyeur that allows the viewer to watch a series of narratives unfold within the structure of a New York City apartment building.

Sook Kim is a photographic student of Thomas Ruff, having studied from 2001-2006 at Kunstakademie in Dusseldorf, Germany. She has completed recent solo exhibitions at Galerie RX in Paris, Miki Wick Kim Contemporary Art in Zurich and Galerie Heinz Holtmann in Cologne.