James Welling: Glass House

Philip Johnson’s Glass House has often served as the subject and inspiration for other artist’s work. Photographer, James Welling, has chosen to document the house for a new series of images, simply titled Glass House. The exhibition, which is currently on view at David Zwirner Gallery on West 19th St. in New York City, has developed over a three year period (2006-2009). Welling’s images capture the house through a variety of color lens, leaving the structure semi-obscured by a series color fields. The images are exhibited as large-scale inkjet prints which continue to explore the artists interest in color phenomena and trichromatic RGB vision.

Welling has an extensive exhibited history that spans nearly thirty years. He has completed recent exhibitions at Donald Young Gallery in Chicago, Wako Works of Art in Tokyo, Galerie Nelson-Freeman in Paris and Maureen Paley in London. Glass House will be on view at David Zwiner through April 24th, and will move to Regan Projects in Los Angeles later this year.