Videos Collide in Real 3D Space!

On view this weekend at Five Thirty Three Gallery in Los Angeles is a new two-day video and performance exhibition titled Videos Collide in Real 3D Space! The exhibition, which is co-curated and organized by Beautiful/Decay print and web designer Fei Liu and artist Megan Daalder, will feature real-time software performance by Jeremy Bailey, a score of a projector by Wojciech Kosma, synchronized live animations by Zeesy Powers, Party Food performance by Joseph Gillette, a tribute to Karl Sims by Megan Daalder, Intermedia theatre by Ben Bigelow and Animatronics by Matt Barton. The exhibition seeks to converge the virtual realm of art creation with that of the physical space of a gallery by adding the physical presence of the artist in both spaces simultaneously.  Artist in the exhibition will travel from Canada, Berlin, Colorado and Los Angeles to perform.

Videos Collide in Real 3D Space! will begin at 8pm and continue to 10pm on March 26 and 27.