March, 2010

Katharina Grosse

Katharina Grosse’s solo exhibition, Hello Little Butterfly, I Love You What’s Your Name, is occurring until November 7th at ARKEN Museum for Moderne Kunst, in Ishøj, Denmark, within breath of Copenhagen. Grosse makes canvas of architecture, erecting varicolored walk-abouts by using hundreds of litres of spray paint; mounds of earth; mammoth, leaning discs; and other big, wadded-up shapes. Viewers are not allowed any of the[…..]

Videos Collide in Real 3D Space!

On view this weekend at Five Thirty Three Gallery in Los Angeles is a new two-day video and performance exhibition titled Videos Collide in Real 3D Space! The exhibition, which is co-curated and organized by Beautiful/Decay print and web designer Fei Liu and artist Megan Daalder, will feature real-time software performance by Jeremy Bailey, a score of a projector by Wojciech Kosma, synchronized live animations[…..]

From the DS Archives: Lisa Yuskavage

Each Sunday we reach deep into the DailyServing Archives to unearth an old feature that we think needs to see the light of day. This week we found a review of Lisa Yuskavage’s 2009 exhibition with David Zwiner. If you have a favorite feature that you think should be published again, simply email us at and include DS Archive in the subject line. Originally[…..]

Valerie Hegarty and Shannon Plumb at Nicelle Beauchene

Valerie Hegarty’s recent work at Nicelle Beauchene Gallery can be described as “petrified relics.”  After recreating famous works of art that recall Pollock, Rothko, and LeWitt, Hegarty then skillfully destroys parts of the work  to suggest damage by natural events.  Starry Rothko appears to be a Mark Rothko painting singed beyond recognition by fire and heat, leaving only a smoldering vestige of what is considered[…..]

Making It In America

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley Billboards promoting HBO’s How To Make It In America began appearing in Los Angeles in January, or at least that’s when I began noticing them. They didn’t make sense because they weren’t any of the things billboards often are: explicitly sexy, youth-worshiping, polarizing, lush for no reason, symmetrical, centered, excessively air-brushed, heavy-handed,[…..]

Ricky Allman: you will never feel the same again

you will never feel the same again, is the title of a new exhibition of paintings by artist Ricky Allman. Opening Saturday night at Galerie Anais in Los Angleles’ Bergamot Station, the new series of works continues to explore the artist’s interest in futuristic landscapes, which act as a metaphor for the tension between science and religion, and the possible apocalyptic future that is proposed[…..]

Kimberly Brooks: The Stylist Project

The art world. It’s way more serious and important than every other industry! This thinking at least seems to persist even though the field of contemporary art has maintained an open flirtation with its sassy sister, the fashion industry, since long before even Andy Warhol trotted his wacky wigs around Studio 54 with the likes of Diane von Fürstenberg. There is a mutual fascination between[…..]