February, 2010

From the DS Archives: Zheng Guogu

Originally published on September 29, 2008. Zheng Guogu’s sculptural work often pairs confounding idioms, layering ephemeral qualities with imposing materials, in order to poetically arrange forms that operate on both a tactile and symbolic level. In his sculpture, Waterfall, Gougu pours white melted wax over a rigid metal armature, embedding calligraphic scripts into this serene fountain. Gougu both reinforces and freezes the progression of time,[…..]

Melanie Manchot: Celebration (Cyprus Street)

Whitechapel Gallery in London is currently showing Melanie Manchot: Celebration (Cyprus Street).   This project addresses concepts of individual and community identity by revisiting the tradition of public street parties and festivals popular in 20th century London.  Drawing inspiration from these past events captured in newsreels and photographs, Manchot creates and documents her own 21st century street party. Manchot realized Celebration by working closely with Cyprus[…..]

The Anti-Spectacle Generation

L.A. Expanded: Notes from the West Coast A weekly column by Catherine Wagley The Pew Research Center caused a stir this week when it released a study portraying The Millennials, those who came of age during the first decade of the 21st Century, as the most even-tempered generation in recent history. Unlike the Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers, The Millennials have sidestepped almost all reactionary[…..]

Foon Sham

The material and process-based sculptures of Foon Sham have spanned the past 20 years. The artist’s recent work relies on the principles of design, and some works have shifted from the previously abstract into newly recognizable forms, such as the house. During a residency in the mid-90s, Sham created “Houses at Night,” a work that formed as an intuitive response to the surrounding landscape. The[…..]

Greg Girard: Half the Surface of the World

There’s a lot happening in Vancouver, British Columbia right now, if you hadn’t noticed. Of course, I’m talking about art. Currently on view at Monte Clark Gallery is a solo show of new work by Vancouver-born Greg Girard. The exhibition, entitled Half the Surface of the World, presents photographs taken by Girard on his visits to more than twenty US military bases across the massive[…..]

Olafur Eliasson Multiple Shadow House

Olafur Eliasson’s Multiple Shadow House opened Thursday, February 11th at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery.  Eliasson, who has been described as “an ecstasy-inducing Danish-Icelandic artist,” has perfected the concept of smoke and mirror art that consistently wows its audience and draws crowds (including a Michael Bloomberg and numerous body guards).   The packed opening felt a bit like Disney World meets the hands-on section of a science[…..]

Interview with Richard Patterson

Richard Patterson emerged in London at Damien Hirst’s Freeze exhibition in 1988 as one of the YBA group. After moving to New York he eventually settled in Dallas. He is represented by Timothy Taylor Gallery in London and James Cohan Gallery in New York. He is known for paintings that combine imagery culled from popular culture and art history with painstaking detail. Combining car culture,[…..]