January, 2010

From the DS Archives: Liza Lou

Originally published on: October 30, 2008 Now that DailyServing has published over 1300 original articles, interviews, reviews, daily features and artist videos, we have decided to reach back into our archive and highlight some of our favorite past features each Sunday. We invite you to email us and let us know which are your favorite DS features. If we choose your selected feature, we will[…..]


LIKENESS is the current group exhibition at the Mattress Factory Museum of Installation Art that examines human depiction during a post-Warholian era in which new technology has played an influential role. It includes the work of artists Jim Campbell, Paul DeMarinis, Jonn Herschend, Nikki Lee, Joseph Mannino, Greta Pratt and Tony Oursler. Elaine A. King, who is a freelance critic and curator as well as[…..]

Deitch Aims Young

Catherine Wagley, DailyServing’s longest standing contributor is no stranger to the Los Angeles art community. Since our inception in 2006, Wagley has regularly contributed to the massive list of artist’s featured on DailyServing, while also building insightful commentary on the art happenings of Los Angeles, including the recent articles Another End to Irony, The Third Chapter of Blum and Poe and Faux Koons. Thanks to[…..]

Lucy Williams

British artist Lucy Williams is further developing the definition of collage. Her detailed, low-relief work focuses on mid-20th century Modernist architecture and involves the careful layering of materials such as card, Perspex, fabric, thread and pillow stuffing. Each material is layered precisely by the artist to illustrate railings, lamp cords and other structural elements. In an interview with Wallpaper Magazine Williams said she sees her[…..]

Stefanie Gutheil: Kopftheater

The playfully grotesque characters found in Berlin-based artist Stefanie Gutheil‘s paintings act out scenes from her daily life. Many of the subjects in her paintings are directly based on artists, musicians, dancers and poets that live and work in Berlin, alongside the artist. Gutheil has lived in Berlin for over 10 years and has witnessed the city blossom into an international center for contemporary art.[…..]

John Mann

Currently on view at PDX Contemporary Art in Portland, OR is a solo presentation of new work by John Mann. The exhibition, entitled Folded in Place, represents Mann’s recent eponymous series of photographs. The shallow depth of field images present curious constructions of maps made by the artist—maps which now take on different roles than those once dictated by their previous lives as simple geographical[…..]

Interview: Brion Nuda Rosch

San Francisco-based artist and curator Brion Nuda Rosch creates subtle, yet powerful collages, paintings, sculptures and conceptual projects, which often pair disparate but poetic associations. This ability to provide insightful connections shines through Rosch’s playful but pensive collaborative and curatorial projects as well. Rosch often partners with other artists on creative exchanges through a one-day residency program in his own home called Hallway Projects, while[…..]